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Auto accidents can severely injure you and your family. Your car accident can lead to substantial personal injury, sky-high medical bills, lost wages, property damage to your car, and emotional suffering.

Distracted driving can lead to accidents. For example, people who text and drive instead of paying attention to the road can negligently hurt other people. People who drive under the influence of alcohol and illegal or prescription drugs can hurt others because they are not capable of fully focusing on the road. These people may be legally responsible for your damage.

We are experienced car wreck lawyers with the know how to help people who have suffered injuries from car accidents try to recover compensation from those at fault.

After an accident, you’ll most likely be contacted by insurance companies hoping to settle your claim quickly. Insurance companies often offer a lower settlement offer if you are not represented by an attorney. If you’re uncertain about whether you’re receiving a fair settlement from an insurance company, you should have someone with experience settling insurance claims represent you to ensure a fair settlement.

Our Firm Handles Accidents Relating to:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Aggressive drivers
  • General car accidents

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