Firm News

Local Ordinances

Assisted homeowner in securing variance from Board of Adjustment after violation of city ordinance found by city zoning official.

Obtained Summary Judgment

Obtained summary judgment for real property owner for removal of fraudulent lien, damages and attorney’s fees against real estate investor.

Arbitration Award Secured

Secured confirmation by U.S. Federal Court of $14 million arbitral award from London Court of International Arbitration.

Prevailed in Bench Trial

Prevailed in bench trial in New Jersey representing former officer and minority investor in national retail company in connection with claims against majority investor and others for fraudulent inducement to extend maturity date of certain subordinated notes later significantly impaired by company’s bankruptcy.

Breach of Contract

Successfully negotiated advantageous settlement for a janitorial company on a breach of contract case.

Duty to Defend

Obtained summary judgment against insurer on duty to defend commercial real estate property title policy.

Real Estate/Guaranty

Successfully pursued and obtained recovery on personal guarantees from purchaser of commercial real property.

Fraudulent Transfer

Obtained favorable settlement for steel fabricator in fraudulent transfer and alter-ego case.

Real Estate Dispute

Successfully obtained and had affirmed on appeal a $1.4 million judgment in favor of commercial land developer on a wrap-around promissory note.