For 25 years, Andrea has successfully prosecuted and defended claims for public companies and privately held businesses, private equity, domestic and international financial institutions, financial services-related companies, bankruptcy trustees and creditors in a wide range of substantive complex commercial litigation.

Andrea has leveraged her accounting background, MBA and ability to simplify complex concepts to successfully represent her clients through trial and arbitration in director and officer, and corporate professional liability matters. She has particular expertise and experience in audit and accounting malpractice, an area in which she has been quoted as an expert, authored several published articles and led multiple significant cases against big-six/big-four accounting firms with successful confidential results.

Andrea is also a Certified Fraud Examiner accredited by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners as a specialist in the prevention and deterrence of fraud by education and experience and as technically proficient in the areas of law applicable to fraud detection and prosecution, forensic corporate investigation and complex financial transactions.

Representative Matters

Special litigation counsel to the High Mesa Chapter 7 bankruptcy estate

Lead counsel in successful prosecution of claims against regional auditor for audit malpractice in a steel manufacturing business

Lead investigator for $2+ billion public pension fund evaluating investments and fiduciary performance, which led to claims settlements and current ongoing litigation against a variety of fiduciaries for the fund.

Lead trial counsel in successful arbitration by post-bankruptcy trust on behalf of creditors against former CEO and president of oil and gas exploration and development company for a substantial 8-figure award.

Lead counsel in investigating, prosecuting and settling claims against large regional auditing firm for audit failures related to an oil and gas producer’s misstated financials.

Lead counsel in successfully investigating and prosecuting claims against principals of mortgage-backed investment funds and the funds’ auditor for fraud.

Lead counsel in investigating, prosecuting and settling claims against large regional auditing firm for audit failures associated with a full service clinical laboratory that provided comprehensive testing for cardiovascular disease and supported approximately 10,000 physicians nation-wide.

Lead trial counsel in successful contingency representation of an LCD TV distributor’s bankruptcy estate and estate trustee against various professionals (arbitration against Big Four auditor, and prior regional auditor, former council (AmLaw100 firm), and assisted SEC in its parallel investigation).

Lead trial lawyer in successful defense jury verdict in dispute between two partnerships regarding fiduciary duty issues involving Section 42 Tax Credit Properties.

Lead lawyer in defense of 8 of 17 directors of an insolvent life insurance company in rehabilitation in New York in claims of director malpractice by the Rehabilitator, achieving a low-dollar settlement at half policy limits for all directors.

Lead investigating lawyer in $16.7+ million internal embezzlement by the company controller of a 100+ year old Texas business, coordinating with and assisting the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office in obtaining convictions and identifying and preserving assets for recovery.

Co-lead lawyer representing the bankruptcy trustee of a Nevada Mortgage Servicing Company involved in a Ponzi-like scheme in successfully prosecuting over 35 suits for fraudulent transfers and professional claims.
Lead lawyer in successful representation of several banks (including one of the world’s largest international banks and the oldest banking interest in the U.S.) in several transfer and warranty claim cases arising out of check frauds that resulted in a favorable summary judgment in each case.

Co-lead lawyer in successful representation of a class of more than 1,000 investors and court-appointed liquidators/trustees for joint protocol multiple country bankruptcy estates in audit malpractice claims against a Big Four accounting firm on a contingency basis.

Co-lead lawyer in successful representation of a large international bank, one of the largest agricultural lenders in the world, in litigation against directors and officers and various Big Four accounting firm auditors.

Co-lead lawyer in successful representation of a Chapter 11 Trustee in one of the largest bankruptcy estates in U.S. history in accounting malpractice claims against a Big Four accounting firm, amidst claims against other professionals.