Should an employer have a “Love Contract” for its employees?

Daniels Tredennick Articles

Today, people of all ages tend to exchange valentines with their classmates and coworkers. It is usually a perfectly innocent way to show appreciation to one’s desk-mates. With the #MeToo movement in full swing, it might behoove employers to take a second (or third) look at their anti- harassment policies and decide whether they want to allow office romances. Perhaps …

NLRB Watch – Old Rule Reinstated

Paige Bennett Articles, ERISA & Employee Benefits

In its first ruling since the last Obama-appointed NLRB Member left her seat, the now 3-member NLRB has reinstated the old rule that more readily defers to an arbitrator’s decision regarding unfair labor practice claims.  Employers should take note that this indicates a major shift by the Board in favor of arbitral deferral not seen since 2014.  This also might …

U.S. Supreme Court Sneak Peek: 2019-2020 Term

Craig Ferrell Articles

Craig Ferrell, Of Counsel at DT and former Houston Police Department Deputy Director/General Counsel, reviews the top ten issues pending before the Supreme Court this term: Read the Full Article Here