AAA Study Says 3 of 4 Kids’ Seats Are Installed Wrong

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Do you have your car’s tire pressure checked routinely?  Do you get routine oil changes?  If so, why aren’t you checking your child’s safety seat too.  You should especially this week because it’s Child Passenger Safety Week.  And according to the experts,  the majority of cars on the road have incorrectly installed child safety seats.

How safe is YOUR child’s safety seat? According to a new AAA survey, chances are it is not as safe as you thought.

“Three out of four car seats today are installed incorrectly,” said Michele Harris, director of traffic safety culture, AAA – The Auto Club Group. “Too often, we see kids who are in a car seat that’s installed incorrectly or not using an age-appropriate booster seat. As we recognize Child Passenger Safety Week Sept. 14-20, it’s a timely reminder to be sure children are safe and secure in the right seat for them.”
One of the most frequent car seat mistakes is the positioning of harness straps. If straps are too loose, children will not be properly restrained in the event of a crash. This may subject them to higher crash forces, or even ejection from the seat altogether. Harness straps should lie flat and not have any twists. The harness should be snug enough that you cannot pinch any extra material at the child’s shoulder.
With schools back in session, carpooling among parents increases, which can result in situations where children are not riding in a car seat or booster seat. A recent AAA Consumer Pulse™ survey found that 45 percent of people surveyed in Florida agree it’s difficult to make arrangements to have booster seats available for other people’s children.
The use of booster seats can reduce injuries by 45 percent compared to using an adult safety belt alone, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Children who have outgrown their five-point harness car seat by weight or height should use a booster seat until they reach 4’9’’, typically between the ages of 8-12.
For younger children using a five-point harness car seat, many hospitals offer car seat installation classes and car seat inspection stations provide certified child passenger safety technicians to inspect seats to make sure they are installed properly.  
To find an inspection station or learn more, visit .
How to find the right car seat for your child: