Houston: Booming Economy But So Are Workplace Injuries

While Houston might be booming, it's still not a safe place to work according to OSHA.

While Houston is booming, it’s still not a safe place to work according to OSHA.

We may have a bustling economy in Texas, but is our city and state a safe place to work?

According to new data released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the answer is a resounding “NO”.

According to OSHA, Houston has the worst record in Texas, and Texas the worst in the country when it comes to workplace fatalities or catastrophes.

The 62 page report listed work place fatalities around the country.

In the Houston area we counted 14 deaths in the past year alone.

“I have guys who go up ladders,”Joyce Maniha said about her crew. “I’m always looking around on the ground. If I see something I’m not comfortable with I say, ‘hey hold on.”

Joyce Maniha is the owner of Joyce Homes, a custom homes and remodeling company.

As the owner, she says workplace safety, especially in the Texas heat is always on her mind.

Most of the 14 deaths over the past 10 months were connected to construction work, maintenance and repair. The lists show accidents like electrocution or falling from high places.

But companies are catching on to these unfortunate statistics, and many owners are putting into place new safety measures and keeping an eye out for their workers.

With more precautions perhaps the title of “deadly work” will no longer be associated to Houston.