1st Federal Depakote Bellwether Trial Continues in St. Louis by Legal Dream Team

On March 2, 2015, a legal dream team, including John Eddie Williams, Phillip Sampson, and Tommy Fibich, assembled in federal court in the Southern District of Illinois in an attempt to expose pharmaceutical giant Abbott Labs about the dangers of taking Depakote while pregnant.  Abbott Labs marketed Depakote as an effective drug for treating epilepsy, bipolar disorders, and migraines. Unfortunately, if taken while pregnant, it can result in severe birth defects like Fetal Valproate Syndrome (FVS), Spina bifida, and Autism.

The central issue in the case centers on whether Abbott’s warnings about the possible birth defects resulting from taking Depakote were adequate enough. The trial is expected to last three weeks, and is currently in its second week.

This Depakote jury trial marks the first of its kind.  Check back to our ttlaw blog for future trial updates.

T&T has previously blogged about the dangers of taking Depakote while pregnant.

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